Business model

A fundamental component of the business model is the Triple Helix: the collaboration of BWR, its partners and the equivalent local organisation in the partner country.

Triple Helix

The Triple Helix partnership entails a collaboration between the academy, the business community and the local community. Projects begin by identifying the Triple Helix at the local level in the partner country. This is a fundamental part of the project for creating the conditions for a long-term partnership, political support, and to build up the necessary capacity. It is crucial for success and an important criterion for BWR’s involvement.

This work method creates trust and can thereby open new markets for Swedish environmental technology.

Holistic approach

Running projects with long-term results requires good relationships with our international partners and a holistic approach.

By holistic approach, BWR means removing the focus from technology and considering the entire system. This means we weave in the environment, economy, politics, social and cultural issues and technology already at the planning stage to build long-term, sustainable solutions with a systematic work method. Our model naturally includes the leadership perspective, as decision-makers participate in the entire process.

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