The City of Borås

Borås has 107,000 residents and is located in
West Sweden, with 1.5 million people within a
100 km radius.
Borås is the country’s thirteenth largest municipality. The City of Borås is responsible for satisfying for education, childcare, elderly care, personal and family counselling, public infrastructure and environment. The City of Borås has a vision for ecological sustainability, where land and water are used conservatively for sustainability. We reuse and recycle, and are economical with materials, commodities
and energy.

Borås Energy and Environment

Borås Energy and Environment areas of operation are district heating, district cooling, biogas, waste management, water and sewage treatment and energy and waste services. We also produce electricity in our combined heat and power plant and our hydro power stations. Through research, development and education, Borås Energy and Environment will be the driving force for tomorrow’s infrastructure and work in a perpetual ecocycle for a community that is free from fossil fuels. Borås Energy and Environment has 225 employees and annual sales amounting to approximately SEK 900 million. We are owned by the City of Borås.

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is a leading international research institute promoting innovation in the fields of energy, life science, transportation, safety and security, the built environment and  information- and communication technology (ICT). We work closely with our customers to create value, delivering high-quality input in all parts of the innovation process, for the benefit of competitiveness and sustainable development in the business community. SP is part of the RISE Group; we have 1,500 employees and annual sales amounting to SEK 1,500 million.

The University of Borås

The University of Borås is an innovative professional institution offering higher education in Library and Information Science, Business and Informatics, Fashion and Textile Studies, Behavioural and Education Sciences, Engineering and Health Sciences. The Campus is located in the centre of the city and the university has 13,000 enrolled students and 700 employees. Several of the programmes are unique in Sweden and attract students from the entire country.
The Swedish Center for Resource Recovery at University of Borås is a leading and internationally recognized and well-known research and education environment that includes several closely collaborating research groups within the fields of biotechnology, combustion and thermal processes, polymer technology, simulation and modelling, and also links to social aspects of sustainable resource recovery. The goal is to obtain the optimal value from waste as a new material or energy. The research is interdisciplinary in its nature. The University of Borås is the only educational institution in Sweden with a clear and explicit profile towards resource recovery.

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